Perfect Anniversary Gifts for Her

How many times do you tell the woman in your life exactly what she means to you? Do you struggle to find the right words, or stress over finding the perfect gift? Anniversaries and birthdays are the most opportune time to shower her with presents, but what about all those days in between? It’s all too easy to get tied up with the daily routine, and forget to take the time to show your other half how much you care. Whether you’re celebrating your 1st or 50th wedding anniversary, looking for the ideal present to give on a birthday, or just want to make your significant other half feel special, we’re here to help you find the best gift possible. One that will bring a smile to her face and a tear to her eye.

The Psychology of Gift Giving – Why We Love to Give Gifts

Humans have been giving gifts for centuries, and the art and psychology of gift giving has been studied by countess experts, and not just by psychologists. Economists, marketers and anthropologists have all put in their two penneth or ten cents worth. A common thread running through all their discoveries is that the giving of a gift is very complicated, but never the less an important part of human communication. Bonds between friends and family become much stronger, and it aids in the defining of a relationship. It is said that far more pleasure is gained by the giver than the receiver, which you may or may not find surprising.
Is there anything to be gained by opting out of gift giving? The simple answer is that you may be saving yourself some money, but the cost to your relationship will far exceed any savings. Anybody who refuses to take part in the gift giving tradition is losing a very important connection with family, friends and loved ones.
The giving of gifts also has big social value. Many native cultures have been taking part in a ceremony called potlatch for thousands of years. It’s an intricate ceremony that makes a big thing of extreme giving. Basically it involves the status of a family being measured not in the amount of possessions they have, but instead by the amount they give away. More prestige is gained by the most lavish gifts given.
Some believe that gift giving has formed a large part of our evolution. The most generous men could have been more successful at reproducing, while women who were good at giving were better at sustaining the family provider and their children.

Anniversary Gift Ideas For Her

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Gifts for a Specific Celebration or Just to Show You Care

Anniversary gift IdeasDo men and women differ in the way they look at gift giving? One expert consumer psychologist says “Yes most definitely”. Men are usually more mindful of the cost and practicality when it comes to gift giving, whereas women are more concerned with the emotional implications of a gift. It seems that these differences start early on in life. Researchers at a Chicago University recently studied some toddlers at a local day care centre, who were going to attend a birthday party. The girls went along with their mothers and actively participated in the choosing and wrapping of the gifts, while the boys decided to remain blissfully unaware.
So what is the point of giving a gift? The giving of a gift is the best way to show another person that you’re interested, make any bond stronger, and that you really care. But it’s not just the receiver who gains from the gift. Giving a present to another person boosts your feelings for them, and will make you feel better about yourself, and more caring. A big part of the pleasure in giving is making someone else happy, and feeling good that you’ve taken care of them.
So, when it comes to the giving of gifts, it’s important to remember that there are benefits for both people, and the act shouldn’t be reserved just for birthdays and wedding anniversaries. There are lots of occasions that deserve a celebration such as Valentine’s Day and Christmas, but there are also times when it’s important to show someone that they’re really, really special. You want to take care of them, make them smile and the act doesn’t have to have a particular occasion behind it. After all you love your partner every day, hopefully, so why not let them know as much as possible.

Special Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her

Want to impress your wife, and let her know she holds a special place in your heart? You’re on to a winner if you find the perfect gift to give on a day that means a great deal to her. The anniversary of the day you exchanged your vows, and said “I do”. Forget this important day and you’ll be in the dog house for weeks afterwards. For the most important and gorgeous person in your life you need to find something that is unique, so think very carefully when looking for anniversary gift ideas for her. A box of chocolates and bunch of flowers just won’t cut the mustard on this precious day, so why not try one of the following ideas, and see if it makes her smile.

An Anniversary Gift for Her That’s Artistic

Anything that’s hand crafted will certainly create more of an impression than something that’s been mass produced. And your wife will likely have a soft spot for anything arty. A sculpture, work of art from a gallery, painted vase, or carved jewellery box are worth considering for sure. Or maybe commission a local artist to immortalise your wife on canvas? If your skill at prose writing is up to it why not pen a romantic poem or write a song?

A ‘Spa’ Experience

How hard does your wife work, each and every day? Do you think she deserves to spend a day relaxing in the warm waters of a local spa? Spa days are available to suit all tastes, and the packages can be tailored to the lady in your life and her own individual needs. Massages, facials, pedicures, hair-removal and a wide variety of skin treatments – add on one of these and she’ll love you all the more. Tell her you’ll take care of the household duties for a day, while she goes off and relaxes.

The Latest Gadget

Is your wife tech-savvy, and au fait with the latest smartphone or electronic gadget? What about the gift of the latest iPhone or top of the range tablet, loaded with some of her favourite music or movies?

Take a Trip to the Mall

Take your wife to her favourite mall on your special day, or maybe the day before if you’ve got something else planned for the day of your anniversary. She’ll be able to stock up on fashion items and accessories, with something extra special to wear for your anniversary celebrations.

Getaway for Your Anniversary

Great anniversary gifts for her should include the chance to getaway for a while, somewhere new and exciting. It might surprise you, but your wife might love to spend a few days away from it all with just you. If you got kids then see if you can leave them with your parents, so your time will be your own.

Put Together an Anniversary Hamper

You can buy them ready made, but it’ll be all the more special if you put one together yourself. You should know all the things she likes, and it’ll be easy to find or make a handcrafted hamper, and fill it with lovely things hand picked for her. Yummy cakes, tasty chocolates, beautiful flowers, perfumes and beauty products, and maybe a cuddly teddy bear, could all find a place in this great anniversary gift for her.

Great Ideas for Celebrating an Anniversary With Your Wife

The anniversary of your wedding day is a memorable occasion, as it was the day you stood next to each other, exchanged vows and tied the knot. There’s no fun in just carrying on with your normal routine. This day demands you both take some time out and enjoy each others company. Other anniversary’s also deserve special attention, because as the name implies, they only come round once a year. There are lots of great ways you can spend an anniversary together, so let’s give you a few to think about, and work out how you can fit them into your plan for the special day.

Cook up a Storm in the Kitchen

Taking your wife out to dinner has probably been done so often that it’s no longer such a special treat. For your next anniversary do things different, and spend time together in the kitchen cooking a favourite meal. How about recreating the meal you enjoyed on your wedding night or the food you tasted on your very first date? Make it even more special by taking it with you and eating al fresco somewhere romantic.

Revisit the Spot Where You First Met

It might have been just 12 months or what seems like a lifetime ago, but to go back will be exciting and very special. Order the same food and sit in the same spot if this is possible, and let fond memories come flooding back.

Go to Your Favourite Place

Everybody’s got a favorite place that they love to visit, and your busy schedule might mean you can’t enjoy it as much as you’d both like. Take some photos while you’re there, and put them together in a memories scrapbook, together with other photos you’ve taken over the years.

Take a Road Trip With Some Romantic Music

Compile a CD of romantic music, there’s plenty of tunes to choose from, and dedicate them to her. Go for a long drive, with a particular destination in mind, and woo her all over again, in a secluded location.

Take Time Off From Your Normal Routine

Celebrating an anniversary is all about spending time with the one you love, not carrying on regardless with the mundane chores and responsibilities of everyday life. Book the day off from the office, leave your laptop at home, and switch off your mobile phone. All your thoughts must be with the one you love, without any interruptions. She’s the centre of your universe, and should be all that you’re concentrating on, even if it’s only for one day.

Enjoy a Romantic Getaway With Your Significant Other Half

You’ve probably already been lucky enough to visit many different places, but how about taking a journey somewhere new? The romantic city of Paris is an obvious choice, but there are plenty of other places right across the globe, where you can bring a bit of romantic sparkle into your lives.

  • Paris, France – opportunities abound right across the city if romance is on your mind. Stroll along the Seine, enjoy some French cuisine by candlelight, or add your padlock to the Pont de l’Archeveche, to symbolise your eternal bond.
  • Venice, Italy – enjoy a sunset gondola ride with your significant other half. You can even get serenaded.
  • African safari – the more adventurous among you might fancy spotting some wildlife in Africa.
  • Backpacking in Thailand – after 50 years of marriage this will really test your stamina and the strength of your love.

And to lighten things up – Here’s a funny Anniversary prank that backfired –

40th Wedding Anniversary GiftsThe Greatest Anniversary Gift Will Show Her How Much You Really Care

Anniversaries only come round once a year, so take the opportunity to show your wife, partner or girlfriend exactly how much you care. Give her a gift that will be remembered and treasured for many years into the future. One that won’t be popped in the back of a cupboard or languish in a dark drawer. Any gift you choose should make her realise that she is the most important person in your life, and that you’ve put a lot of thought into choosing the perfect present for her. Flowers and chocolates are ok, but how about a rose that will last a lifetime, and for future generations to come. An Eternity Rose is a fabulous gift if you know your wife loves flowers, but is always disappointed when the blooms start to fade.