Silk, Linen, Pearls, and Other Themes To Choose From if You’re Looking for 12th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her

Some of you reading this will be looking for a 12th anniversary gift for their wife. But we appreciate there will be some of you for whom the celebration isn’t so personal. It could be the 12th anniversary of a couple of friends, a member of your family, or a colleague at work. For all of you, the good news is you’ve found a great place to spend a few minutes of your day. It won’t take you long to read this page, and you’ll be left with some interesting ideas.

12th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her

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The themes connected with 12 year anniversary gifts for her

watchConsider yourself lucky if you’re looking for 12 year wedding anniversary gift ideas for her, because there are a number of themes connected with the event. There are two traditional themes, a modern theme, and also a 12th anniversary flower and a 12 year anniversary gemstone. Some would consider a range of options a good thing. While some might consider it to be a disadvantage if you’re looking for 12th anniversary gifts for her.

We asked around the office and opinions were divided right down the middle. Some said it wouldn’t matter that there were a number of themes to choose from. After all, there’s nothing wrong with lots of choice. Others expressed a preference for one theme, because it would make the choice much easier. Whichever way you’re going to look at it, we hope to make your decision easier. By putting all the great ideas in one place and then leaving it up to our readers to decide which themes they want to pick.

Traditional anniversary themes for 12th wedding anniversary gifts

The traditional theme for a 12 year wedding anniversary in the USA is silk. And who wouldn’t want to wrap their wife in an elegant item of silk lingerie or nightwear? Silk has been considered a luxury material for thousands of years. It keeps the wearer cool in summer and warm in winter, and is so strong it was once used in bulletproof vests. It would also have been worn under battle shirts to protect the body against arrow wounds. In China, they have been producing silk for many centuries. As well as being comfortable and strong, it was also used for its beauty. Garments worn by monarchs have often been made from silk, in cultures around the world. It has a certain sheen and luster that make it perfect for a 12th wedding anniversary gift for her.

In the UK there is another theme that is added to silk, and it is fine linen. Think top quality bed sheets or elegant trouser suit and you’re on the right track. And don’t forget to consider personalized linen pillowcases, blankets, throws, and table sets.

silver rose

Modern anniversary themes for 12 year anniversary gifts for her

The modern alternative, and there usually is one, is the pearl or colored gemstones. The luster and beauty of these items seem to be in keeping with the common thread. If you’re looking for meaningful 12th wedding anniversary gifts for her you won’t go far wrong with the gift of a classical piece of pearl jewelry. Freshwater or cultured pearls will depend on your budget, but both have a certain timeless beauty. When used as part of an item of jewelry the beauty of the pearl shines through, while remaining understated. And don’t forget that an item that features mother of pearl will be an alternative option for a traditional kind of gift. If you fancy doing a little more out of the box thinking, consider taking your wife to a top restaurant for an oyster dinner with a bottle of champagne.

peony flowerThe anniversary flower is a peony, which as well as being beautiful to look at, also has medicinal properties. The glory of its bloom speaks volumes and perfectly encapsulates romance, beauty, history and splendor. The bloom is great to include as part of a bouquet, but there is always the option of buying a living plant for her garden. It flowers in late spring and early summer and often has fragrant flowers. And depending on the type, its blooms range from red to white, or pale yellow. The peony is named after a student of Asclepius ,the Greek god of medicine and healing. Asclepius became very jealous of his pupil, and Zeus stepped in to save him from the wrath of his teacher, by turning him into a peony flower.

The gemstone for a 12 year anniversary gift is jade. This stunning gem has been popular throughout history, but is a particular favorite in Asia. It is great for making into jewelry, but can also be made into ornaments and sculptures. Jade has also been used throughout history as it was thought the green stone had special properties. Carved into a butterfly, the Chinese consider it a powerful symbol that draws in love. It is also thought to bring money into the owner’s life, and guard against accidents and misfortune. But it is particularly helpful for heart, stomach, and kidney complaints.

With all these themes to choose from, your lovely lady wife is going to enjoy receiving a fantastic 12 year anniversary gift. Think about her taste and preferences before you splash the cash, and as long as you pick a gift you know she’ll appreciate your 12th anniversary celebrations are set to be a resounding success.