Lovely 15 Year Anniversary Gifts for Your Wife

After 15 years of marriage, it’s safe to say that you know your wife well. After all the trials and tribulations of the first few years, you have settled into an easy routine, with a strong understanding of each other’s needs and foibles. You know what your wife enjoys, what she prefers, and what she really loves. So it should be easy to choose lovely 15 year anniversary gifts for your wife, shouldn’t it?

Sometimes though, it can be difficult to come up with inspiring ideas for 15th wedding anniversary gifts for your spouse. After 15 years, you have probably already given her all the usual presents of chocolate and underwear, and now you’re wondering how to mark this special day with a surprise that is a little out of the ordinary.

A 15th anniversary gift should be genuinely heartfelt and significant to your spouse, taking the opportunity to reaffirm your affection for her, and your appreciation for 15 wonderful years of dedicated adoration. You have been through a lot together, and it is time to show her how important all those joint experiences have been to you by presenting her with a meaningful token of esteem.

If you are looking for exciting ideas for 15th anniversary gifts, you should read on for inspiring suggestions.

15th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her

Silver-Dipped Rose Silver

  • A real rose coated in pure silver
  • In a stylish display case, with an authenticity certificate.
  • Bright and lustrous mirror finish
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Gold-Dipped Rose Gold rose

  • A real rose dipped in 24 karat gold
  • Comes with a certificate of authenticity.
  • In a beautiful PU leather display case
  • Brilliant and lustrous mirror finish
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Traditional 15th Anniversary Gift Customs

The 15th wedding anniversary is one of the original anniversary celebrations that was marked with a specific material. Customarily, crystal gifts have been given on the occasion of the 15th wedding anniversary. This is thought to be because crystal requires careful handling, and is very delicate and precious. This has been associated with the nature of a lasting marriage, which must be treated with care and nurtured to prevent it breaking down. It is also especially beautiful and radiant, and some people say that crystal is given as 15th wedding anniversary gifts because it reflects the beauty of an enduring marriage.

Other Symbols and Themes Associated with 15th Anniversary Gifts

Crystal is not the only theme associated with the 15th wedding anniversary, and a husband searching for a perfect 15th anniversary gift for his wife may want to choose one of the other themes linked with the 15th year of marriage.

The modern American list of anniversary year themes says that 15 years of blissful marriage should be marked by the exchange of watches, to demonstrate the time spent together. A stylish watch would make a gorgeous long-lasting token of your undying love as 15 year anniversary gifts, and you will be brought lovingly to mind every time she checks the time.

The 15 Year Anniversary Flower

15th anniversaryThe flower most commonly linked with the 15th wedding anniversary is the rose, and this makes a spectacular present to give your wife on the occasion of your anniversary. A beautiful bouquet or floral rose arrangement is a great way to mark the day, and will brighten up both your home and her heart.

The color associated with the 15th anniversary is red, so a hand-tied bouquet of red roses will reveal a message of love and adoration to your beloved on this milestone occasion. No gift expresses love quite as much as the red rose, and a single red rose blossom has been a traditional symbol of true romance for generations, reflected in art and literature of old. Give your spouse the gift of a single red rose on your 15th anniversary, and show her the depths of your adoration.

If you would like to give a beautiful themed gift that will last for a lifetime, why not give her the gift of a gorgeous single red glazed rose? Each blossom has been picked by hand and preserved in a complex glazing process to capture the enduring beauty of nature eternally. Finished with an opulent 24 karat gold trim, each unique work of art is presented in an elegant leather display box and is the perfect 15th anniversary gift for a partner who loves art and flowers.

Gorgeous Crystal 15th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

If you would like to adhere to the traditional crystal theme for a 15th anniversary gift for your wife, why not give her some stunning crystal jewelry? Crystal studded earrings, pendants and bracelets reflect the light beautifully and make elegant presents to match any outfit. Available in a range of prices, there is sure to be a perfect piece to match your budget and her taste. With so many colors and styles to pick from, you can source a stunning gift that she can wear and think of you for many more happily married years to come.15 Year Anniversary Gifts for Your Wife

Alternatively, beautiful crystal figurines are another decorative and enduring memento of this special occasion. A crystal rose ornament is the ideal way to combine two 15 year anniversary themes together in one stylish gift, or a pretty crystal animal or bird statuette is a lovely and lasting token of love.

Unusual Crystal Themed 15th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

For an unusual and luxurious idea for a 15th anniversary gift for your wife, why not arrange a wonderful vacation to a destination known for its crystal or watches? Switzerland or Italy are two perfect choices, and a trip to these far flung locations will create fabulous lasting memories of this unique occasion that will last for decades to come and will be reminisced about for the rest of your married life.