The Jury’s Out on the Idea of 16th Wedding Anniversary Gifts – But Don’t Let that Get in The Way of Making Her Happy

You’ve come to this page because you’re hoping we’ve done some research, and will save you precious time in your quest for the perfect 16 year anniversary gift for her. You’ll be pleased to know your timing is perfect. We’ve just finished doing the legwork, and are now in a position to share our findings with you. Once you’ve finished reading you should be armed with a few useful ideas, and have a better understanding of the themes for a sixteen year wedding anniversary gift.

First, let’s uncover the origin of anniversary themes.

16th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her

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Gold-Dipped Rose Gold rose

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Where does the idea of anniversary themes come from?

anniversary wedding gift - watchAnniversaries have been celebrated for centuries. Way back in the Middle Ages, a husband would crown his wife with a garland of silver when they reached their twenty fifth wedding anniversary. And a garland made of gold upon reaching their milestone anniversary of fifty years. This is kind of where it all began. Over the years a number of other symbols have come into common use, including diamonds for a 60th wedding anniversary, and rubies for a sixty year anniversary. However, anniversary couples still weren’t as fortunate as we are today. Some of the ‘minor’ anniversary years didn’t even get a look in.

Things were brought bang up to date when in 1937, the American National Retail Jeweler Association came up with a more comprehensive list. And who are we to blame them? There were a number of years that deserved more recognition and why shouldn’t the Retail Jewelers decide on the most appropriate themes? Was it their cash registers calling? Or was there more meaning behind their list? We leave it up to you to decide.

Your choice for a meaningful themed anniversary gift for her lies at the door of silver holloware

If you want to buy your spouse something with a modern twist the theme to go for is silver holloware. What is silver holloware? A fancy name for silver or silver-plated metal containers. These are most often used as serving containers at the dinner table, or used as decorative elements in a home. There are antique items of silver holloware that have become collectors pieces. The type of serving dishes that can be found in silver or silver-plate include serving bowls, gravy boats, pitchers, tureens, wine coolers, and tea sets. Does your wife enjoy holding dinner parties? Silver holloware 16th anniversary gifts will make the perfect addition to the table. If you consider decorative items more her thing, then you might want to consider key or candy dishes, trinket boxes, candlesticks, or vases.

silver rose

Let’s look at a few of these ideas in a little more detail.

  • Wine cooler – This makes a great addition to the table, especially if your wife loves a glass of wine or two. When it’s brought to the table, she’ll feel like she’s dining in a restaurant. Wine coolers are made in many different materials, but a sixteenth wedding anniversary gift for her should be made of silver or silver-plated. The design of the cooler can be plain and simple, or highly decorated with ornate handles. But both will add an air of elegance to the serving of her favorite wine.
  • Tea set – Afternoon tea with the ladies will never be the same if you give her a silver tea set for this year’s anniversary gift. Buy her the complete set, including a serving tray, sugar bowl, creamer, and tea pot. Or start her collection with an individual piece. Over the years you can add to it with further anniversary gifts.
  • Candlesticks – Silver holloware candlesticks will be a very romantic idea. Try and find an antique pair to grace the home, but you might find a more modern pair easier to get hold of.

Other themes to consider for her 16 year wedding anniversary gift

For every passing year of marriage, there are a number of different themes. For a sixteenth wedding anniversary, these themes are a little thin on the ground. We’ve already looked at one of them, so let’s see if we can help with a few more.

Choose topaz for a sixteen year wedding anniversary present for her

topazWe didn’t find this theme in any particular list, but it seems it has become a very popular one to mark sixteen years of marriage. The beauty of topaz has been recognized for thousands of years. One school of thought believes the name derives from the ancient Sanskrit word ‘tapas’ which means fire. Topaz comes in many different colors, but most often it is a clear quartz. The color is influenced by impurities in the stone.

Popular 16 year anniversary gemstones

Other popular gemstones to give your wife for your sixteen year anniversary gift are peridot or aquamarine. Peridot is one of only a handful of gems that are found in only one color. In the case of peridot the color is olive green. The intensity and tint changes, depending on the level of iron it contains. The most valuable color is a dark olive-green. Peridot can be found in some exquisite pieces or jewelry, or items more for decoration.

Aquamarine is a variety of beryl, which is a mineral composed of beryllium aluminium cyclosilicate. Doesn’t really sound very appealing does it. Aquamarine is actually blue or cyan. The largest aquamarine found that was gemstone quality weighed over 240lb, and was 19 inches long and 17 inches wide. This particular specimen might not be appropriate for your lovely lady wife, but a piece to display in your home may be in the right ball park.