Popular Ideas for 1st Anniversary Gifts for Her

Congratulations is where we want to start, because you’ve made it to your first anniversary, and are hopefully looking forward to many more. Some say that the first year of marriage is one of the hardest, so all the more reason to we’d like to say well done! Marriage is a union that is not as popular as it once was, which is why it’s important to celebrate, whether it’s your first, fifth, twenty fifth or fiftieth wedding anniversary. Every year that passes is cause for commemoration, and an event that should be shared with the one you love above all others.

1st Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her

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Traditional or Modern 1st Year Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her

You may be aware that there are several lists you can choose to look at for inspiration, when it comes to wedding anniversary gifts. Whether you’re buying for your wife or husband, friends, parents, relatives or someone you know well. Did you realise that there is both a traditional and modern wedding gift list that is commonly used across the globe? There are gift suggestions for many of the anniversary years, and for a first anniversary traditional gifts should be made of paper. A modern alternative is the gift of a clock.

Why Paper for a First Wedding Anniversary Gift?

According to the lists widely used, gifts should increase in value as your marriage grows. Which is one valid reason for the list starting with paper and ending with diamonds for a 60th anniversary. Some say that paper was chosen because it represents the fragility of a new marriage, it’s easy to crumble and fold and rip apart. Much like a new marriage some would say. Others take paper as the indication of a new beginning, a blank canvas if you will. Here at anniversarygiftideasforher.com we like the last suggestion most of all.

Memorable First Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her

First anniversary giftsPaper probably doesn’t fill you with excitement if you’re looking for 1st anniversary gifts for your wife, but there are actually lots of options, if you’re prepared to think a little out of the box. Flowers are a traditional gift for the female in your life, whatever the occasion, so why not incorporate this by giving her a bouquet of origami flowers? Fresh flowers will wilt and die in a very short period of time, but paper flowers will last months, possibly even years. You could have a go at making them yourself, or take the easy option of purchasing a kit that contains everything you need, along with valuable instructions on how to make each vital fold.
Another great way to remember your wedding day is with an edition of a newspaper from that special day. You can even add your own special message with some of the offers for 1st anniversary gifts for her.
How about a piece of personalised art for your wall? There are companies online who will create an individual wall hanging filled with images that are special to you and your wife.
One really unusual first wedding anniversary gift ideas for her that we thought was inspiring – the deeds for an acre of land on the moon. The gift pack includes a Lunar Deed that confirms registration and gives the coordinates of the plot, along with a map so your wife can see exactly which bit is hers. And it ties in perfectly with the symbol of paper for a first wedding anniversary gift.
Do you have a special message you’d love to share with your wife? Another of the great 1st anniversary gift ideas we’ve discovered is to send a personalised message in a bottle. The gift pack includes a scroll with your message, presentation treasure chest, and glass bottle filled with sand and shells.

Spend the Day Together – Enjoy this Special First Wedding Anniversary Gift Idea for Her

Your first wedding anniversary is not a day for spending at the office, or carrying on with your daily routine as if nothing has happened. Take the day off and ask your wife’s boss if she can have the day off too. Don’t tell her that you’ve organised something special for the day, but just take her out in the car as if you were taking her to work. Instead of travelling to the office start your day with breakfast somewhere special. Maybe croissants and coffee on the beach would be a good idea. To tie in with the symbol of paper, why not organise an evening at the theatre or listening to her favourite band play live. The tickets you give will be the paper side taken care of.
After 365 days of living together, let this first anniversary be just the beginning of many more anniversaries spent together. Doing something you both love and enjoy, without the interruptions of your normal routine getting in the way.