Ideas for 20th Wedding Anniversary Gifts – China or Platinum

Congratulations, you’ve joined a small band of couples who’ve reached the significant milestone of 20 years. It’s a sad fact for today’s modern couples that very few reach it, so all the more reason to make sure you celebrate it in style. Are you planning to celebrate the event with family and friends or are you looking to spend the time quietly as a couple? Would you like to whisk your beloved wife away for the weekend or will you stay close to home?
The traditional symbol for 20th wedding anniversary gifts is china, while the modern alternative is platinum. Your choice of 20th anniversary gift will kind of depend on whether your wife is a traditionalist or more of a modern thinking woman. But which ever she is you’re not going to be short of ideas. In fact there are so many gifts available, both online and down at the store, that you might find yourself spoiled for choice. Rather than trawl your way through hundreds of gift sites, let’s give you a few handy ideas, all on one page.

20th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her

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Gold-Dipped Rose Gold rose

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20th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her You’ll Want to Consider

Understanding the type of gifts that mean the most to your lady is the first step in finding the perfect gift for her. With ladies it’s all about the emotion behind the gift, not the price tag – so you want to find a present for your anniversary that is filled with loving feelings. Your gift must show how much you love and appreciate her for sticking by your side through 20 long years. Finding a gift that quantifies your feelings isn’t easy, but if you can find a extra special gift, you’re almost there.20th anniversary

Traditional 20th Wedding Anniversary Gifts made of China

Knowing that your wife is a stickler for tradition means you should stick with the traditional 20th wedding anniversary gift ideas for her. China is the symbol most commonly used to celebrate this important event, so you could give her a fine bone china dinner service. She’ll be able to roll out this gift for important dinner dates, and impress family and friends. Add to the traditional tableware with fine china serving platters. But perhaps she’d prefer something less ostentatious, in which case a china picture frame or two might be just what she’d love. Add a picture of the pair of you on your wedding day, or some other memorable occasion and your gift buying blues are over. But if this isn’t suitable there are china vases, tea sets, plates and ornaments that might fit the bill.

A Modern 20th Anniversary Gift Made of Platinum

If you’re going to follow the modern trend for 20th wedding anniversary presents then platinum is the name of the game. Why not take this as the perfect opportunity to update your wedding bands? Replacing the gold with platinum is a great way to celebrate your anniversary day. Add to the occasion by renewing your wedding vows, exchanging rings and saying “I do”, all over again.

A Twist on the Traditional and Modern Wedding Anniversary Gifts

If you and your wife would prefer to do your own thing, it doesn’t mean you have to throw the gift symbols out of the window. You can always add a twist to the traditional and modern gift ideas by taking your wife to Chinatown and enjoying a tasty Chinese meal. After an enjoyable meal you could stroll the streets looking for gifts for each other, or try out a few samples from the food vendors on the street. Or if you’re a couple of adventurers, why not take a trip to China? This will definitely be a memorable way to spend your anniversary.
There are other materials that are associated with a 20th wedding aniversary such as the emerald, and would make a great theme for a party. Go out and buy your wife an emerald green party dress, and make sure all your party decorations are green.

A Great and Fun Idea for Your 20th Wedding Anniversary

If you can’t decide on one special 20th anniversary gift, give her 20 little trinkets instead. And this way you can spread the gift giving throughout the day. Scour the flea markets and trinket shops for figurines and ornaments. Wrap them up in platinum colored paper, and dot them all over the house, for her to discover during the day. You can always add little messages of your affection, to make the gifts more pleasurable. Why not make each message, just one more reason why you love her so much? At the end of the day the messages, together with some photos can be put into a scrapbook, making it the perfect way to end your anniversary day.

Modern or traditional, it’s entirely up to you which direction you choose, just make sure the 20th anniversary gift you give to your wife comes from your heart.