Look to the Modern Themes for 26th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her

Many of the years we feature here at anniversarygiftideasforher.com don’t have a traditional theme associated with the celebration. But that doesn’t mean there are a lack ideas. Thankfully, there is a modern list of themes that work easily as well. For a 26 year anniversary the themes have become artwork, original photographs, and the gemstone jade.

Exchanging gifts when an anniversary arrives is all part and parcel of marking the occasion. And will serve to strengthen your relationship further. It may seem like only yesterday you celebrated your 25th anniversary in style, but don’t let that be a reason for letting it pass and be quickly forgotten. 26 years as man and wife is just as important as three, thirteen, thirty, even fifty. And you can bet your bottom dollar, your wife won’t forgive you easily, if you decide to do nothing at all this year.

Without further ado, let’s move on swiftly and share some of our favorite ideas. We’ve done some of the legwork for you, including looking at various gifts sites, to save you time and let you concentrate on tailoring our suggestions to the preferences of the lady in your life.

26th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her

Silver-Dipped Rose Silver

  • A real rose coated in pure silver
  • In a stylish display case, with an authenticity certificate.
  • Bright and lustrous mirror finish
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Gold-Dipped Rose Gold rose

  • A real rose dipped in 24 karat gold
  • Comes with a certificate of authenticity.
  • In a beautiful PU leather display case
  • Brilliant and lustrous mirror finish
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An original piece of artwork makes a great 26th anniversary gift idea for her

jade anniversary giftIf you have the talent to paint something yourself then that would be outstanding. Original means one of a kind, and if you’ve painted it yourself there will be no other like it, which makes it the ultimate personalized gift. Especially is the subject matter has a special meaning for your wife. A great alternative, but still original, is to scan an image into your computer, and use a software program to enhance and manipulate the picture. Then you can get it printed in any style you want. There is even the option at most printing shops to create an image that looks just like an oil painting. This type of image can easily be printed onto gift cards, stationery, pillowcases, linen, towels, and t-shirts. Otherwise, choose a piece of art from a respected artist, or a piece that complements the current decor.

Photographic gifts are a very personal option for her 26 year wedding anniversary gift

Photograph gifts are of course, another very unique idea for your wife’s 26 year wedding anniversary gift. Take a look through the large collection of photographs we bet your wife has stashed at the back of the closet, and pick out a few meaningful ones to be made into her gift. You could use them to create a collage, or place them in a scrapbook to mark some of the meaningful events that have taken place during your time together. A number of photo shops you might find in your local town will also offer a number of other options for displaying photographs, such a coffee mugs, and dinner plates.

Here are a few more ideas for different kinds of photography related gifts you can give your wife for your 26th wedding anniversary:

  • Revamp your wedding photograph – 26 years ago photography was not advanced as it is nowadays, so why not take the opportunity to have your wife’s favorite wedding photograph made to look more artistic, adjusted to black and white, or made into an image that looks like it has been painted.
  • Photo locket – Jewelry always makes a great anniversary gift for females, and enclosing a miniature photograph inside a silver locket will be a touching anniversary gift for her.
  • Photo calendar – Choose a photograph that will bring back a memory for your wife every month and this will be a long lasting 26th anniversary gift for her. You could pick photographs that have been taken while you were on family vacations, a memorable Christmas, or a photograph from when you first met.

Matched Set - Anniversary Gift

Give your wife a jade gemstone for her 26th wedding anniversary gift

Jade is a material that has been used for centuries, but is possibly most known for the jade artifacts that come from China. It is found in a number of different shades of green, and more recently man made alternatives have been made that are black, orange, red, yellow, and lavender in color. It is found in many different countries including Burma, Siberia, Guatemala, and New Zealand.

There are two basic types of jade available and they are Jadeite and Nephrite. Jadeite is more rare and expensive, and is mainly mined in Burma. It is resistant to breakage and chipping which makes it perfect to be made into jewelry. Nephrite is available in fewer colors and is mostly mined in China. It is more readily available, but has a soft gray hue, which can detract from the beauty of the piece.

anniversary gift of loveHere are a few examples of some great jade gifts:

  • Carved jade dragon ornaments
  • Carved jade paperweight
  • Jade necklace and matching earrings
  • Jade keepsake or jewelry box
  • Jade incense burner

Choosing anniversary gifts for your wife doesn’t have to be a chore. We appreciate you’ve been doing it now for more than quarter of a century, which is why we’re happy to offer our help. And bring you some helpful ideas to make your gift choosing a pleasure rather than a bore. There are heaps of great anniversary gift ideas, for all the themed years, and every one in between. Bring a smile to her face every year, and buy her a gift that is given with love and has taken a lot of thought.