Start the Countdown to Three Decades with a 29th Wedding Anniversary Gift for Her

When you’ve found the perfect soul-mate, you should be considering the right kind of gift to show her how much she means to you. Now that your 29th wedding anniversary is fast approaching you might be feeling a little stuck for ideas. Many anniversary years have specific themes associated with them, but for a 29th wedding anniversary gift for her there is only a contemporary theme, which is furniture. The motto for a 29th anniversary is “Out with the old, and in with the new”, and a new item of furniture fits the bill perfectly.

29th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her

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Celebrate 29 years with the gift of furniture

Furniture has become the modern theme for 29th wedding anniversary gifts, and while it may not seem a very romantic gift for your wife remember it symbolizes security, stability, familiarity, and the comfort of your relationship. When choosing furniture for her 29 year wedding anniversary gift you should bear in mind the following:
mahogany dressing table wedding annviersary

  • Your wife’s taste and the current style of your home decor
  • She might not like what you like
  • Stick with a budget, as furniture can sometimes be very expensive
  • Furniture can be bought for outside, not just inside your home
  • Consider whether you have the right skills to make something yourself
  • Whether there is a general theme running through your home’s decor
  • Whether she has an interest in art or collectibles
  • Your wife has probably got a favorite color, so see if you can find a piece of furniture to match

You should have a pretty good idea of your wife’s preferences so you’re already off to a great start. But if you haven’t got the confidence to make a decision, there are a few other options.

  • Steer clear of furniture for her 29th anniversary gift, because there are no hard and fast rules to follow
  • Ask her what she’d like to receive for a 29 year wedding anniversary gift – But this may spoil the surprise completely
  • Give her a gift certificate for an online furniture store – She’ll be able to pick out the perfect gift herself

rose for her
Furniture isn’t the simplest of gifts to buy your wife for her 29th wedding anniversary gift, so you could make the choice a little easier by including decorative items for the home. She may like a stylish ottoman to be used for storing all those odds and ends, or as a place for storing all the bed linen, or a clean and tidy spot for all those handbags she’s been collecting. Is there a place on her dressing table for a cute mirror? She might also enjoy receiving a shoe rack so she’s got a handy storage place for her vast collection of footwear.

You might thinking that your home is already crammed with items of furniture, but may be one of those pieces could do with an upgrade. Giving your wife a 29th wedding anniversary gift of furniture will make your home much more comfortable and enjoyable. Take your wife out for the day and surprise her by visiting some local furniture stores. Shop together and you’ll be able to find the perfect addition to your home, or use the trip to provide inspiration and surprise her with a furniture delivery. A new bedroom set might be considered very romantic, or a loveseat for your living room. If your home is already fully furnished, how about some comfortable garden furniture.

Other ways to make the day special and ensure her 29th anniversary gift is memorable

Next year it’ll be your 30th wedding anniversary, which for many is a significant milestone. You may be planning to celebrate the event in a big way and include family and friends in the celebration. So this year, why not celebrate just the two of you? Take your wife on a vacation, possibly to the original honeymoon location, where you can enjoy nostalgic memories, and maybe even make a few new ones. Is there a place you know your wife has been longing to visit? Even just a couple of nights away will invigorate the both of you.

Why not take this opportunity to shower your wife with 29 gifts? Pick 29 smaller gifts and individually wrap them, before hiding them around your home, for your wife to find during the day. Make a collage of meaningful messages, or write 29 reasons why you love her on a special piece of paper, and get it framed.

Give your wife a copy of the Beatles song “She loves you”, because the word “Yeah” is mentioned 29 times in the song.

Fill a gift basket with 29 of her favorite things to eat and drink.

Invite 29 of her favorite people around and enjoy an anniversary BBQ.

How to make your 29 year anniversary gift for her a little more romantic

We’d be the first to admit that furniture isn’t the most romantic gift you could give your partner. But it’s so easy to add a little romance, you’d be mad to pass on the chance to stick with the contemporary theme. Here are a few ways to add a little romance:

  • Set the new table with candles, present her with a gold dipped rose, and serve up a romantic dinner
  • Fill a new dresser with meaningful photographs
  • Buy a loveseat you can share
  • Provide her with a seat in the garde,n and you can sit together and enjoy the view
  • Add some personalized pillows and cushions to the new couch
  • Personalized pillowcases to spruce up the bedroom
  • A new desk filled with tender love notes

Whatever you decide to do to celebrate your 29th wedding anniversary make sure you both have fun and enjoy creating new memories you can look back on.