2nd Anniversary Gifts for Her – Traditional Cotton or Modern China

By the time your second wedding anniversary comes around, you’ve both probably pretty much settled into married life together. The traditional gift list gives cotton as the symbol, while the more modern list associates a gift of china with a second wedding anniversary gift. The traditional gift of cotton has likely been chosen as the symbol because it represents the warmth and comfort of a loving relationship, something you should surely be feeling after two years of married life. You could consider exchanging pillows to lay your heads on, something to wear during the day, a comfortable cotton hammock to share while enjoying the garden, or something a little bit raunchy for the bedroom. If you choose to take the modern route you could give each other personalised mugs, dinnerware, candlestick holders or a bone china tea set. These kinds of 2nd wedding anniversary gifts can be used year after year.

2nd Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her

Silver-Dipped Rose Silver

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  • Bright and lustrous mirror finish
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Gold-Dipped Rose Gold rose

  • A real rose dipped in 24 karat gold
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Traditional 2nd Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her

Cotton is the traditional symbol for celebrating a second wedding anniversary, because it represents warmth, comfort, as well as strength and versatility. You won’t have any problem finding appropriate gifts made of cotton, the difficulty will come in finding the perfect gift for your wife. So how about we give you a few ideas for second wedding anniversary gifts that will be memorable, and romantic.
2nd anniversary golden vase

  • Cotton bedding (Egyptian of course) – upgrade all those gifts of bedding you were given for your wedding, and go for something luxurious, comfortable and soft. Set the mood in your bedroom with some dreamy Egyptian cotton sheets.
  • Comfy cotton bathrobes – one for her and not forgetting one for him. And how about making the gift giving even more special by whisking her away for a day at a spa. Or see if you can recreate the atmosphere and treatments right there in your own home. With you as the masseur obviously.
  • Cotton towels – carrying on from the cotton bathrobes would be plush cotton towels. Something for your loved one to wrap herself in after a shower.
  • Cotton hammock – built just for her, or big enough to fit you both. There are plenty of different colours available, and don’t necessarily have to stay outside. Lying back and relaxing is a great way to enjoy a sunny afternoon, but is a great way to wind down when it’s too cold, wet or windy to go outside.
  • Cotton roses – believe it or not you can buy roses in a wide variety of materials, cotton included. Natural roses so quickly fade that the pleasure from such a gift is very short lived. Give your love a rose or bouquet made from a material that is everlasting such as platinum if you fancy pushing the boat out. Eternity Rose will even add an engraving to the stem of the platinum dipped rose.
  • Cotton apron – does your wife love spending time in the kitchen, cooking up a storm? Give her a gift that will keep what she’s wearing clean, rather than covered in flour, butter, oil or other unattractive food stains.

Modern Second Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Your Wife

The modern twist on the whole anniversary symbols is the gift of china. So let’s carry on with a few helpful ideas:

    • Commemorative plate – you can even have the plate customised with your favourite photo and your anniversary date.
    • China vase – if you’ve gone with flowers as your anniversary gift, bring it in line with the modern gift list by presenting the bouquet in a colourful china vase.
    • China figurine – if your wife hasn’t already started a collection, maybe now’s the time to get her thinking about starting one.
    • Sushi set – do you both enjoy the pleasure of eating and preparing sushi? Add to the pleasure by gifting her a sushi and saki set.
    • China photo frame – this is a very sophisticated way to present a favourite photo, either one of you both together (for example your wedding) or a photo of yourself that you’re particularly proud of.
    • Antique china tea set – this will be a particularly sweet second wedding anniversary gift for her, and she’ll be able to impress the mother-in-law when she comes round for tea.

Fly Away to China – a Perfect 2nd Anniversary Gift for Her

This will be kind of taking the symbol of china to another level, and thinking out of the box. Taking a trip to China will be a once in a lifetime experience for your darling, as well as for you too. It’s a huge country, and will require more than a few days or a week to experience the best that China has to offer. The best thing to do on this second anniversary visit to such a vast country is to explore the most popular tourist destinations first. That way you’ll get a feel for the country, as it’s full of completely different sights and sounds than you’re used to. And if you like it you could always come back for more next year.
The most popular cities to visit in China are Shanghai, Beijing, and Xi’an. Here you will get an overall view of this magnificent country, its history and culture. In Beijing you’ll be able to stand on The Great Wall of China, step inside the Forbidden City and feel the atmosphere and history in Tian’anmen Square. Shanghai is China’s largest city and while there aren’t many top ranking tourist sites your visit wouldn’t be complete without visiting The Bund. In Xi’an you’ll be able to gaze in awe at the iconic Terracotta Army.

Bet you didn’t realise that…

Now you’ve reached your second wedding anniversary you’ve been married for 730 days, or you could look at it as 17,520 hours. Alternatively that equals 1,051,200 minutes or over 63 million seconds. Quite a long time when you look at it that way. ‘Another way to look at it is that you’ve likely shared more than 1,500 meals together. But we think that the best way to measure your marriage is by realising that you’ve so far enjoyed more than 5,000 hours of cuddle time. And on that note we wish you many more hours to come.