A Delicate Balance Between Beauty and Strength – The Modern Option if You’re Looking for a 36 Year Anniversary Gift for Her

No matter how hard you try to forget it, your wedding anniversary comes around every year. And while you may consider this annual event to be low on your list of priorities, it’s a pretty safe bet your wife doesn’t feel the same way. Even if you fully appreciate the sentiment behind the occasion, trying to come up with new and exciting ideas of things to do and gifts to give her can get rather challenging. For both types of guy we’re here to offer up some friendly advice and helpful suggestions. Here at anniversarygiftideasforher.com we fully understand the problems that accompany finding the perfect gift. And this is one of the reasons we decided to provide some assistance.

Certain themes have been linked with wedding anniversaries. However, historically it has only been the most significant milestones that received any attention. The tradition of celebrating wedding anniversaries was started during in Medieval times. When a couple had been married for 25 years, the husband would give his wife a garland made of silver. 25 years later, a 50th anniversary was marked by giving a garland made of gold. Over many years a number of other themes were added, including diamond for a 60th wedding anniversary, tin for a 10th anniversary, and ruby for a fortieth anniversary.

A 36th wedding anniversary didn’t receive its own theme until the late 1930s.

36th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her

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Gold-Dipped Rose Gold rose

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The modern theme for a 36th wedding anniversary gift for her

In 1937, the American National Retail Jeweler Association introduced a more comprehensive list to help people looking for anniversary gifts. They had possibly seen a money-making opportunity, but may also have considered it important to recognize every passing year. Whatever the reason everyone should be pleased because now every passing anniversary has its own special theme. Which certainly helps when you’re looking for meaningful 36 year anniversary gifts for her.

The modern themes for a wedding anniversary tend to be more practical, or are materials that would make stunning jewelry. And if you’re looking for 36 year wedding anniversary gift ideas for her the theme is bone china.

Give her a bone china item for a 36th anniversary gift

If you’re stuck for a 36th wedding anniversary gift for her consider the options that open up if you buy her bone china. Bone china is a material held in high regard, because it is strong and very resistant to chipping. It can also be made into very delicate, highly detailed, and beautiful gifts. It’s no surprise it was chosen to represent 36 years of marriage, as it symbolizes the strong relationship you’ve got and how it is strong enough to resist any kind of damage.

What is bone china, and how is it made?

bone china wedding anniversary giftBone china is composed of bone ash, feldspar, and kaolin, and is a type of soft-paste porcelain. The quality of a finished piece is measured according to how much bone the mixture contains. 30% is the requirement for high quality bone china, but it can contain as much as 40-45%. Fine china and porcelain are created in much the same way as bone china, but there is no bone content. Porcelain is fired at a much higher temperature than bone china, which results in a harder material.

Bone china was developed by an English potter, called Josiah Spode, and it gained a reputation for its whiteness and translucency. It also has high mechanical strength and is chip resistant. From the very beginning, bone china has almost predominantly been made in England, and this was true right up to the latter part of the twentieth century.
Making bone china involves two firing processes once the base ingredients have been mixed together and formed into a shape. The first firing causes the bone china to shrink, and as much as 20% of pieces made will crack or break during this initial stage. The pieces which are fortunate enough to survive are then glazed and fired for a second time. The firing melts the glaze into the piece. Some pieces may still crack or break, and these will of course be discarded. Those that are left can then be decorated with the final pattern. Some will be handpainted, some sprayed, and some decorated with decals.

Bone china is obviously great for making into cups, saucers, and plates, but it is often made into other elegant items such as a brooch, bone china earrings, or handpainted trinket box.

You might want to give her a set of bone china dinner plates, or a tea set she can show off to her mates when they come around for a cup of tea and slice of cake. China is a symbol of strength and beauty, but is also one of elegance and fragility. Think you know someone who possesses these qualities too? Give your wife bone china for a 36 year wedding anniversary gift and show her what you mean.

If you want to stay with the theme, but aren’t sure an item made from bone china will fit the bill for her 36th anniversary gift then think a little out of the box and take her on a trip to China.

A once in a lifetime trip to China for a 36 year wedding anniversary gift

blue matched set
This sort of anniversary gift will really depend on your budget, but if time and finances allow, a vacation in China will be an ideal 36th anniversary gift for her, and you’ll get to spend some time together in a far off country. Alternatively, if you think she’s prefer to stay closer to home, how about a tour of the Lenox bone china factory in North Carolina.

However you want to celebrate your 36 year wedding anniversary, make sure you and your wife have a great time. If you manage to find a gift that brings a smile to her face then all the better.