Worried About a 42nd Wedding Anniversary Gift for Her? – Don’t, Because You’re in the Right Place

Finding the right kind of anniversary gift for that one special lady in your life shouldn’t be too difficult. But as the years pass you’re likely to run out of ideas. Don’t be too hard on yourself though, because you’ve been buying your wife gifts now for more than 40 years. Add together all the birthday, Valentine, Mother’s Day, Christmas and anniversary gifts you’ve chosen, and we bet it’s a sizeable number.
gift ideas - anniversaryWhen it comes to gifts for women, it doesn’t matter whether the gift is big or small. What matters more than anything, and that includes the price, is that the gift comes with heaps of emotion, and was chosen after much thought and deliberation. When it comes to anniversary gifts for her it should symbolize your wedding day, be something that brings back good memories, and a gift that clearly shows how much you care.
This year you’re celebrating 42 years as man and wife, which is really quite a long time to be married. It’s not going to be much longer and you’ll be celebrating half a century, but if you’re tempted to let the next few years pass, and concentrate on your golden wedding anniversary, we suggest you think carefully about such a bold decision. Just consider whether your wife feels the same way. We’d bet our bottom dollar she’s not going to be too pleased if you do nothing. Especially if that nothing goes on for a few more years.

42nd Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her

Silver-Dipped Rose Silver

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Gold-Dipped Rose Gold rose

  • A real rose dipped in 24 karat gold
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The theme for a 42 year wedding anniversary gift is a little unusual

Over the years you’ve probably become quite an expert at buying your wife flowers, chocolate, and jewelry. A little lacking in imagination, if you want an unbiased opinion. But this year you’re going to be able to give her something completely different. Something you have never given her before. And we have to be honest. We weren’t really sure what the term meant until we’d done some investigation. But basically the term is self explanatory. Improved real estate is the theme and refers to land on which residential and/or business structures have been built. It’s a really unusual theme, but could be just what is needed to spark your imagination.

If you’ve got pots of money, improved real estate will be a great investment for the future

yellow rosesWe appreciate that many of you reading this won’t have huge amounts of cash to spend on a piece of real estate. So for those of you in such a situation, let’s help you think more laterally for 42nd anniversary gift ideas for her.
Is there something you can do to improve your current home? Is it about time you sorted out that long overdue extension or built a conservatory? So your wife has somewhere to sit when the weather is too miserable to go outside. Maybe the back yard could do with some improvements. A few tweaks here and there is all it will take to make an area of your home somewhere you can enjoy the company of family and friends.
If you decide that such a major overhaul is not really viable, you could improve your home’s decor with a few tasteful additions. And why not make those home decor additions linked to the 42nd anniversary theme? A house shaped ornament, or a painting that depicts a house. You could even commission a local artist to paint a picture of your home. And if you’ve got the skills to do a painting yourself, this 42nd wedding anniversary gift idea would surely touch her heart.
silver rose for the anniversary

Are there any other options for a 42 year wedding anniversary gift for her?

Of course there are. Literally thousands, as long as you aren’t stuck on getting her a gift that relates to the theme. Anniversary gift themes are a brilliant idea, but you shouldn’t get too hung up on following them. Jewelry, flowers, and chocolates are the usual gift fare you should have no problem falling back on. However, these are the kind of gifts you can buy her any day of the week. Why wait for a special occasion? If you want to buy her this kind of gift for her 42 year anniversary gift then you’ll need to turn up the heat a little.
If you know she’d love to receive some flowers, consider a gift that will last much longer than a few weeks. Roses are a symbol of love and passion. Bet you didn’t realize you could buy her one that’s been dipped in gold, silver, or platinum. Made from a handpicked natural rose bloom, this is the kind of gift that will last much longer than you or your wife. And is so elegant and tasteful it will be handed down through generations. A gift that shows your love for many generations to come. How special will that be?
Wedding anniversaries are a very important part of married life. You may not put quite such importance on exchanging gifts as your wife does, but we know you want to give her a gift that means something. Which is just one of the reasons we decided to make this website. Coming up with different ideas year after year is certainly a challenge, but we’ve got heaps of ideas to share with our readers. Take a look at our other pages and you’ll never be stuck for ideas.