It Might Seem Unusual, But Groceries is the Theme for a 44 Year Anniversary Gift for Her

Over many years, it has become common practice to celebrate wedding anniversaries with the exchange of gifts. Sometimes it will mean family and friends giving gifts to a couple who are celebrating their anniversary. But most often than not it is the husband and wife who take part in the celebration.
Giving gifts for a wedding anniversary started many years ago. Some say the tradition was started in the Middle Ages. Upon reaching a twenty fifth wedding anniversary a husband would give his wife a garland made of silver. And when they reached a fiftieth wedding anniversary the garland would be made of gold.
Over the years more anniversary years were given their own special theme. But it wasn’t until 1937, that every year received due recognition. Nowadays, thanks to the American National Retail Jeweler Association, and a few others, every year has a theme that people can use for inspiration, and to give a gift that has special meaning.
This year there is a very unusual theme for a wedding anniversary gift for her. The theme is groceries. How can you make a gift of groceries special? After all, she probably does the grocery shopping at least once a week, throughout the year. But maybe there’s a way to make it special. By doing the grocery shopping for her, and letting her relax while you deal with the crowds. Treat her to a couple of hours at a spa, beauty salon, or lazing by the side of a pool.

44th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her

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How to make the gift of groceries a bit special

chocolates anniversary giftWe all agree here at that to receive a bag of groceries for a 44th wedding anniversary gift would be a little disappointing. It’s a pretty odd choice for an anniversary gift, but there are ways you can make it special.
Does your wife have a favorite food store? Do you think she would appreciate a gift voucher she can spend in that store, and buy herself tasty treats she wouldn’t normally dream of including in the weekly shop?
You might want to buy a basket of groceries and cook up a storm for a 44th wedding anniversary gift for her. If your wife normally does the cooking, turning the tables and cooking something for her will be a very special gesture.
Have you thought about giving her a gift hamper? You’ll be able to find plenty of online gift sites that will give you a wide range of options, whatever her taste in food. Or you might want to try your hand at filling a basket with some delicious favorites. At least if you make one yourself, you can be pretty certain she’ll like everything in it. Whereas a ready made store bought one will likely have at least one item she’s not all that keen on.

If groceries don’t inspire you, consider a food-related gift for her 44th anniversary

food related anniversary giftSome of you will be thinking that groceries aren’t a very inspiring idea for a 44 year anniversary gift for her. So you might want to consider a food-related gift instead. Dinner at her favorite restaurant, followed a night on the town, will be a great to spend your anniversary evening. Do you think she’d like a few gourmet cooking classes? You could even tag along, and have fun in the kitchen together. There are a wide range of classes available. From making things with chocolate to a Far Eastern cookery course. You could learn to make sausages, bake a cake, or become proficient in the art of food preserving. You could even take a few classes on the quiet and then surprise her with all you’ve learnt by cooking an awesome anniversary dinner.
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You could always fall back on the aged old favorites of chocolates and flowers

Chocolates and flowers. You might be thinking these are unimaginative if you’re looking for a 44 year anniversary gift for her. But they are actually aged old favorites when it comes to buying gifts for her. And with the flowers you can actually express some pretty special feelings. Flowers have been used for centuries to convey messages people would rather not say out loud. The Victorians loved to use flowers to convey special messages, and the same can be true today. A single red rose will convey your love and passion. And with a pink carnation you can express your gratitude. Forget-me-nots say remember me forever. Whereas Holly is used to express domestic happiness. These are just a few examples of the things you can say with a bunch of flowers.
However, bouquets are very short-lived, and their beauty very quickly fades, along with the special message that came with them. If you want to give her a floral gift for her 44th anniversary, consider the gift of a gold dipped rose, from Eternity Rose. There are no worries about this everlasting gift fading, and she won’t need green fingers to keep it alive. The elegance and beauty of such an exquisite gift will last longer than both of you, and remain so as it gets handed down through generations. An heirloom that encapsulates the love you feel for your wife, will remind future generations that marriage is a sacred union. And it is possible to stay married for longer than a few short years.