Lovers of Literature will be Thrilled with This Year’s Anniversary Theme – 47th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her

Over the years, a number of lists have been created to help people choose the best anniversary gifts. The traditional anniversary gift list only allocated themes to the most significant years. In 1937, a modern list was created by the Jewelers of America that gave far more years their own particular theme. However, there were still a number of gaps. Nowadays, there are contemporary lists that give every anniversary year its own special theme. This year the theme is books. As the years pass, it can be increasingly difficult to come up with interesting gift ideas. Which is why it’s great there are lists you can choose to follow.

47th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her

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Why not use the contemporary theme for a 47 year anniversary gift for her?

Books are the modern theme linked with a 47th wedding anniversary, so it would make sense to think about buying your beloved some literature. Does your wife have a favorite author? Is there a type of novel she prefers to read? Make sure you use these as inspiration for her 47 year anniversary gift. There will be no point in buying her a book she’ll never read, and it would also be a waste of money.
booksIs there a place she’s been longing to visit? Or is there a location she considers her favorite? A book about such a special place will be a great 47 year wedding anniversary gift for her. You might want to add a trip to the location in question, as an added surprise.
Many modern books have been made into films, and along with that there is usually a lot of merchandise available. Any Star Wars lover would be chuffed to bits with some fan art, illustration, or figurine of their favorite character. But it’s not just Star Wars. There’s Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, and Harry Potter. Just a few memorable movies and books that spring to mind. Your wife may be more of a classical literature fan. In which case try and find a live stage play, or DVD of a televised rendition of the story.
If you’ve got the time you should take a trip to your local bookstore. Some of them have a selection of rare books on their shelves, which would be an investment, as well as a great 47 year gift for her.
For the technically minded spouse, or for those whose home is already filled to the rafters with novels and books, consider purchasing an ebook reader. Remember we asked if she had a favorite book? Download it ahead of time, and she’ll be impressed with such a thoughtful gesture.

What are the other choices if you want to buy the perfect 47 year wedding anniversary gift for her?

Unique vase gift for womenAs there is no traditional theme, gemstone or flower associated with a 47th anniversary, your choice of gift is pretty much open wide. And even if there were themes to choose from there is nothing wrong with throwing convention out of the window. Flowers are always a popular gift for anniversaries, and there aren’t many ladies who would turn down a gorgeous bouquet for a gift. But you don’t necessarily have to choose a bouquet, there are living plants too. Which will make a great gift for her on the occasion of a 47th wedding anniversary. Especially if she’s got green fingers, or loves spending her spare time pottering around in the garden.
Unfortunately floral bouquets, and sometimes even living plants, have a tendency to fade and eventually die. Which can be disappointing for the recipient, and the gift giver as well. But there is an option, if you want your floral gift to be everlasting. And that’s a gold-dipped or glazed rose from Eternity Rose. This gift is a unique work of art, and a perfect way to capture the beauty of nature. An individual rose bloom is handpicked from the company’s nursery, and carefully dipped in 24 karat gold. The stem can be engraved with some well chosen words, and presented to your loved one in a stylish leather display case.

Treat her to a special experience for a 47th anniversary gift

hot balloon ride giftWhile material gifts are more than suitable for a 47 year anniversary present for her, there is another alternative. Rather than give her a gift she can hold in her hands, give her a gift that will leave her with lasting good memories. A new concept has entered the gift arena, and that is the gift of an experience.

  • Scenic cruises – Give her the chance to experience the best your location has to offer, whether it’s natural landscapes, city skylines, or a cruise to remember, along with the opportunity to dine in style.
  • Balloon rides – She’ll be able to see the world from a different perspective, when she goes up, up and away in a hot air balloon.
  • Spa treatments – Indulge her with a day spa treatment, and she’ll be left feeling relaxed and revitalized. Choose from a number of different beauty treatments, including massages and facials.

When it comes to 47 year anniversary gift ideas for her, there is so much to choose from. Whether you choose to stick with a theme, or pick a gift you know she’ll treasure, spend time picking the perfect gift and it will surely touch her heart. As well as remind her how much you love her, even after all these years.