The World is Your Oyster if You’re Looking for 56th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her

With your 55th wedding anniversary celebrations a dim and distant memory, it’s time to focus your attention on the best 56 wedding anniversary gift ideas for her. And we’re guessing the reason you found your way here is that you’re all out of ideas. Worry not, because we’ve got plenty of great options up our sleeves, and are more than happy to share them with you.

Things may have quietened down since your 55th wedding anniversary, but that is no reason to let the day pass, without buying a 56 year anniversary gift for her. We’re pretty certain she’s been looking forward to your gift for a few weeks now. Don’t disappoint her and get her nothing at all. Instead, carry on reading and we’ll give you some great options.

56th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her

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An anniversary that has no special theme

Once you pass the 50th wedding anniversary milestone, there aren’t all that many anniversary themes. Last year it was the emerald, and for a 60th anniversary the theme is diamonds, but there’s not much in between. So what does that leave you with if you’re looking for the best 56th anniversary gift ideas for her? Pretty much anything really. So let’s start by giving you some pointers on making your choice, and then we’ll look at a few of our favorite ideas.

How to pick the best 56 year wedding anniversary gift for her

Gift ideas for your wifeIt’s important to celebrate wedding anniversaries with your partner, as it is the perfect excuse to show your gratitude and love, and to acknowledge the life you’ve built together. It may just be an occasion that marks another 365 days of married life, but is a great opportunity to shower the lady you love with thoughtful and meaningful gifts.

Choosing the right gift for her can sometimes be frustrating, and after 56 years you may be running a little low on ideas. Your most important consideration is the recipient of your gift, so you must make sure you’re buying a 56th anniversary gift for her you know she’ll want. Rather than buy her something you’d like her to have. If you’re considering buying her cookware, be certain that cooking is one of her favorite pastimes. Don’t choose it because you want her to cook more. This sort of gift is destined to remain in the cupboard and never see the light of day.
Matched Set - Anniversary Gift
Your gift for her should also be one that is worth remembering. One great idea that we come across time and time again when doing our research is the gift of a promise. And because it’s your 56th wedding anniversary see if you can think up 56 things that will make her smile. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Promise to cook dinner
  • Promise to make her breakfast in bed
  • Promise to do the housework for a week
  • Promise to wash her car once a month
  • Promise to take her to the cinema

Your promises can be pretty much anything really, provided they are things that will lighten her load, make her happy, or make her feel special.

And let’s not forget the presentation, as it is almost as important as the gift itself. Presentation matters and will make the gift even more exciting. Rather than just give the gift in the box it came in, spend some time wrapping it up and adding some decoration. She may have been wrapping up the presents for 56 years, so it’s time to show her you’ve been paying attention.

Flowers for a 56 year wedding anniversary gift for her

roses bouquetFlowers are very popular when it comes to giving gifts to her, and we don’t think their popularity is going to be fading anytime soon. So you could always choose to give her a floral gift for your 56th anniversary. Flowers can be used to convey a wealth of emotions and there is nothing that says “I love you” like a great big bouquet of beautiful blooms. Many anniversary years are linked with a specific flower or color, but this year there are no such ideas. You are free to choose whatever type and color your beloved will love the most. And it doesn’t have to be a bouquet, as there are also flower arrangements, planters, and artificial blooms that will delight her just as much as a huge bouquet.

One great example of a floral gift that will never lose its beauty or meaning is the gift of a beautifully glazed Eternity Rose. This precious gift is crafted by skilled craftsmen and requires many delicate processes, starting with the selection of a rose bloom and picking it at the height of its beauty. The rose is then glazed and trimmed with 24 karat gold, and presented in a stylish leather display case. This is a gift she can treasure for a lifetime, and will continue to be a symbol of the love you both shared, long after you’re gone.

One final suggestion is the gift of an experience, because we bet there isn’t much your beautiful wife actually needs. This type of gift will leave her with memories, and there are plenty of unusual ideas to choose from. Many are once in a lifetime experiences, and she doesn’t have to enjoy them on her own. Why not surprise her with a romantic hot air balloon ride, or afternoon tea at a top class hotel?