Ideas for 5 Year Anniversary Gifts – for Him and Her

Are you facing a bit of a nightmare this year, with your 5th wedding anniversary coming up? You know the traditional symbol is wood, but what can you give the person you love made from wood? Just doesn’t seem very romantic to give the one you love a wooden table and set of chairs. Don’t panic though because there are truck loads of awesome 5 year anniversary gift ideas to choose from. And we’ll happily share some of them here. While it might not seem like much of an achievement, enjoying 5 years of being married to another person is good cause for celebration. So many marriages nowadays end in divorce. Some put the figure at a staggering 50%.

5th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her

Silver-Dipped Rose Silver

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Gold-Dipped Rose Gold rose

  • A real rose dipped in 24 karat gold
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  • In a beautiful PU leather display case
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Traditional or Modern 5 Year Anniversary Gift – Which is the Best?

Wood is the traditional symbol for a 5th wedding anniversary. The modern symbol is silverware. Silver is also associated with a 25th anniversary, so you might want to save the choice of silver until further down the line. That being said, it’s entirely up to you of course. There’s no denying that most women would love to receive a gift made from silver, but silverware? Where’s the special quality in that? The symbols are only suggestions of course, as there is no hard and fast rule you have to follow when looking for 5 year anniversary gift ideas. We happen to think that looking for something different every year makes it more exciting, and who among you aren’t up for a challenge?

    So How are the Symbols Chosen and What do they Mean?

  • Wood – after 5 years of marriage your relationship should be sturdy and strong. Much like a tree…..see how it works? Trees have also been known to signify wisdom and strength. A man and woman who have been married for half a decade (seems longer when you think of it like that), will have developed deep and strong roots. Throughout your marriage you will have gained an understanding of each other, your vulnerabilities and strengths. And your experiences together will have honed that relationship – much like the weather affects a tree.
  • Silver – silverware is the choice of modern gift list compilers. The connection is that it serves to remind you both of all the happy memories you’ve shared together, along with family and friends.

    5 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas Made From Wood

    happy wedding 5th anniversary

  • A wooden sculpture – a romantic wooden sculpture is a great way to capture the romance of the occasion. A couple intertwined in a loving embrace, or a series of wooden hearts.
  • Wooden wine bottle holder – a little more functional than a sculpture, but you’ll still be able to inject a little romance. And you can always pop in a bottle of plonk or two.
  • Wooden photo cube – a great place to display some of those memorable photos.
  • Puzzle box trick chest – a good place for hiding all those little trinkets, and it’s a secret how to get inside. Every box is unique and crafted by hand.
  • Family birthday board – if you’re not really into keeping electronic notes this is perfect for remembering those important days.
  • Personalized oak barrel – the perfect 5 year anniversary gift for the couple who love a tipple, but don’t mind waiting until it’s matured in this oak barrel. Fill it with whisky, tequila, brandy or any other spirit that will welcome being stored in such a tasty place.
      • 5 Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her

      • Wooden Jewelry – While the gemstone anniversaries are a bit further down the line, it doesn’t mean you can’t consider a piece of jewelry, even if it’s made from wood. Wood is actually a really attractive material use, because of all the colors and grain that can be seen. It has a naturalistic feel about it, and will compliment many different outfits. Every time she wears the handcrafted piece she’ll be reminded of the strength of your love.
      • Wooden Jewelry Box – if she’s already got heaps of jewelry she might appreciate a wooden box that she can store her collection in. It’ll also be a great place to store all those future anniversary gifts, that are sure to come her way.
      • Wooden bookmark – you can buy a variety of handcrafted wooden bookmarks, all inlaid with intricate wooden patterns.

        5 Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him

      • Wooden jewelry – this might be just what your significant other wants. Jewelry isn’t something for all men, but few will be able to resist the charm of a wooden set of cufflinks, ring or pendant.
      • Wooden chess set – if he’s a lover of the game what could be better than a handmade chess set and board. But if chess isn’t his things there’s always dominoes, backgammon or draughts.
      • Gentleman’s keepsake box – with the option of an engraving this makes a great gift for the man in your life. Somewhere to keep his keys, loose change and other important things.

      5 years have probably flown by, so show your partner that you care. 5 year anniversary gifts are an important part of the equation, along with all the other anniversary gifts yet to come.