A Sweet or Strong Theme for a 6 Year Anniversary- 6th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her

Sugary sweet as candy, or as strong as iron? Which one are you going to choose for a 6th wedding anniversary gift? Some anniversary themes are better known than others. Many of you reading this will know that a 25th wedding anniversary is associated with silver, and a 50th anniversary with gold. But did you realize that iron and sugar are traditional 6th anniversary themes? There is also another alternative if you want a gift relating to the modern gift list. The modern gift list created by librarians at the Chicago Public Library has wood objects as the 6 year anniversary theme.

If you’re in the market for 6th wedding anniversary gift ideas for her you’re not going to be worried about a lack of choice. Something made from iron, sugar, or wood, leaves you with lots of options. Take your partner to a candy store, cook something for dessert using sugar, or buy her a gift made from iron, symbolizing the strength of your marriage. Alternatively, choose a gift made from wood, for example, wooden jewelry, chopping board, trinket box, or similar item.

And if those 6 year wedding anniversary gift ideas for her don’t float your boat, and won’t float hers either, you can always choose the appropriate anniversary flower, or anniversary gemstone. Calla, also known as Bog Arum, Marsh Calla, or Wild Calla is the flower, and the gemstone is the beautiful amethyst. If you can’t find a 6 year anniversary gift with all these choices, you’re not trying hard enough.

To save you any more bother, why don’t we share some of our top ideas?

6th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her

Silver-Dipped Rose Silver

  • A real rose coated in pure silver
  • In a stylish display case, with an authenticity certificate.
  • Bright and lustrous mirror finish
  • Price $169Buy this gift!

Gold-Dipped Rose Gold rose

  • A real rose dipped in 24 karat gold
  • Comes with a certificate of authenticity.
  • In a beautiful PU leather display case
  • Brilliant and lustrous mirror finish
  • Price $169 Buy this gift!

6 year anniversary gift ideas for her

6th anniversaryIt’s time to get your creative hat on, if you want to surprise her on your sixth wedding anniversary. Hoping you can get away with a bog-standard box of chocolates and a wilted bunch of flowers is wishful thinking. It may have worked before on the odd occasion, but your wedding anniversary requires you pull something special out of the bag.

The themes for such an anniversary have been chosen very carefully, and there is symbolic meaning behind each theme. Sugar represents the sweetness of your marriage, and iron represents the strength in your marriage. Choose either one or why not both? The modern theme of wood objects symbolizes the strength and stability of your marriage.

Traditional 6th anniversary gifts for her – something sweet and sugary
There are actually two themes for a 6th wedding anniversary. Sugar is the traditional theme popularized in the UK. If you’re looking for an anniversary gift for a special lady, you can’t go far wrong if you get her something sweet and sugary. Take her to an ice-cream parlor and let her choose exactly what she desires. Chocolate covered strawberries are another brilliant idea, served on a silver platter while she’s still in bed. Or why not take her to Hershey Park, and surround her with sugary delights all day? Of course, there are some ladies who aren’t blessed with a sweet tooth, but don’t be disheartened if your wife is a lady who prefers savory.

Traditional US 6 year anniversary gifts for her – strong as iron
6 year anniversary gifts if you live in the USA, revolve around the material iron. Know for its strength, and a symbol of protection and security, it makes a great theme for 6 year anniversary gift ideas. What would a lady want with something made of iron? You’d be surprised at the elegant, stylish and detailed gifts available. Things made from iron can be decorative as well as practical.

6 year anniversary gift ideas for her using amethyst
As we’ve already mentioned, a number of gemstones have become associated with certain anniversaries. Amethyst is the precious stone in the case of a 6th wedding anniversary. This beautiful gemstone has been used to symbolize a number of different things throughout history. The Ancient Greeks believed the stone protected its owner from drunkenness. They wore the stone as well as decorated drinking vessels with it. It was believed this would prevent intoxication. Might be worth a try, but we don’t think there’s much in that belief. Amethyst is a purple form of quartz. The purple color comes from irradiation and the presence of trace elements. Tibetans consider the amethyst sacred to the Buddha, often using it to make prayer beads. It is the birthstone for February, and in the Middle Ages was a symbol of royalty. Is your wife special enough to be given amethysts? 6 years married to one person definitely deserves a treat.

Celebrate a 6 year wedding anniversary in a floral way
Unique vase gift for womenThe Calla lily is a beautiful floral symbol for a 6 year wedding anniversary gift. Strangely enough it’s not actually a lily, but a member of the Araceae family. It is also poisonous. But your wife isn’t going to eat it so that won’t be a problem. Calla lilies are a popular bloom for weddings, and other romantic occasions. The name of this glorious flower comes from a Greek word for beauty, but there is more behind a Calla lily than that. During the Victorian period it became associated with holiness, purity and faith. Because of the time they flower, they also became symbols of youth and rebirth. And there’s even more behind the meaning of giving Calla lilies for a 6th anniversary gift. The color of the flower bears important significance:

  • White – innocence and purity
  • Purple – passion
  • Yellow – gratitude
  • Pink – appreciation and admiration
  • Black – not actually black but more of a dark purple or maroon, and highly sought after by flower enthusiasts and gardeners.

If you’d rather not give her a bouquet of flowers for her 6th anniversary gift, consider a gold dipped rose.

Wood is the modern day alternative for a 6th wedding anniversary gift for her

Wood is a symbol of strength and stability. It is these qualities that make wood objects the perfect kind of gift for a 6 year anniversary gift. It has a natural beauty, but is an extremely practical material. The natural grain that shows through in anything made from wood makes each item individual. There are plenty of wood gifts to pick for her. Both beautiful and practical and long lasting. Bowles, sculptures, chopping boards, planters or why not gift her a tree?