Perfect 60 Year Anniversary Gift for a Special Wife

Reaching the 60 year milestone in any happy marriage is a rare and wonderful event. If you and your wife have finally reached this praiseworthy occasion, you should mark the day with a really special 60 year anniversary gift for your loving wife, who has stood by your side through all the ups and downs of married life.

Every anniversary has traditions and themes linked with it, and the 60th year of marriage is no exception. You may choose to link your 60th wedding anniversary gift for your spouse with one of these customary ideas, or search for a token that is a little more unusual, yet filled with special meaning.

60th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her

Silver-Dipped Rose Silver

  • A real rose coated in pure silver
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  • Bright and lustrous mirror finish
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Gold-Dipped Rose Gold rose

  • A real rose dipped in 24 karat gold
  • Comes with a certificate of authenticity.
  • In a beautiful PU leather display case
  • Brilliant and lustrous mirror finish
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Discover Diamond Anniversary Gifts Traditions

60-years-of-happinessAlthough the diamond anniversary is popularly celebrated today, it is interesting to note that it was given its name only relatively recently at the end of the 19th century. This was because Queen Victoria celebrated her 60th year ruling England by giving it the name “The Diamond Jubilee”. Following this, the 60th wedding anniversary was forever known as the diamond wedding anniversary.

Surprisingly, there are two anniversaries known as the diamond anniversary, with the second being at 75 years of marriage, although this is an extremely rare event.

The reason that diamonds are thought to be linked with the 60th year of marriage rests in their hard-wearing and long-enduring nature. 60 years of marriage is a major achievement, and the resilience and endurance of a couple who have been together so long reflects perfectly the nature of diamond, which is one of the hardest materials found in the natural world.

It is also said that the light and fire that appears to burn at the heart of a well-cut diamond is similar to the flame of love in any long-lasting marriage of 60 years.

No particular flower is linked with this wonderful occasion, however white blossoms are often chosen to mark the day.

Choose a Symbolic 60th Wedding Anniversary Gift

When you are celebrating an incredibly long union such as the diamond anniversary, you should consider selecting a symbolic gift to give your wife. Incorporating traditional diamonds as part of your 60 year anniversary gift is a lovely touch and is a wonderful idea.

Any woman who has reached this milestone would cherish a beautiful gift such as a genuine miniature rose, hand-picked and glazed to capture its essential natural beauty. Trimmed with pure 24 karat gold, this opulent and stylish gift is also encrusted with brilliant synthetic diamonds to ideally reflect the spirit of this most special wedding anniversary.

Unique Ideas for Diamond Anniversary Gifts for Your Wife

No doubt you have already given every possible traditional anniversary gift to your wife over the last happy 60 years. For a surprise that will mean much more than traditional chocolates, a meaningful and unique gift is called for. A once in a lifetime experience is one perfect way to mark this singular event, and now could be the ideal time to discover exotic locations and visit dream destinations that your wife has yearned to see all her life. What better way to show her that your love is as strong as ever than by making her dreams come true on this most special of all anniversaries?

If you cannot afford the trip of a lifetime for your spouse, why not think about giving her an experience to remember instead? The most meaningful gifts are those that last in the memory long after the day itself, and an unusual, unique experience could be just the way to surprise your other half. A gourmet meal at a 5 star restaurant with the highest quality service, a special sightseeing day cruise, a gourmet vineyard tour with wine tasting, a couples pamper session and massage at a top spa, or front row seats at a Broadway show are all fabulous experiences that will create lasting memories and will touch the heart of the recipient.

60th anniversaryChoosing Personalized Diamond Anniversary Gifts

The personalized gift has become extremely popular over the last few years as givers realize how much they are truly appreciated by the recipient. The more a gift is tailored to meet the needs and tastes of the person who is to receive it, the more they understand the loving message that is conveyed by its personal touch.

There are many different types of personalized gifts that you could give your wife as an enduring and beautiful reminder of this wonderful event. From an elegant engraved wine glass to a stylish personalized photograph frame containing a lovely image of the two of you together, there is sure to be something that she will love.

Another fantastic personalized present that also incorporates the theme of diamonds is to give a gorgeous diamond bracelet or necklace, personalized with her name, initials or the date of your special anniversary.

Diamond Jewelry 60 Year Anniversary Gift

Diamond jewelry is one of the most iconic gifts that you could give your wife for the 60 year anniversary, and a striking diamond pendant, bracelet or earrings cannot fail to delight any lady celebrating this unique occasion. Diamonds are indeed a girl’s best friend, and a diamond eternity ring is another truly meaningful present that can be offered to your wife, cementing the strength of your undying love. There can be no more special gift to present to your love on this once in lifetime milestone.