How to Find That Special Woman in Your Life the Perfect Gift

Who takes care of you when you’re feeling under the weather? Who holds down a job, while also taking care of the two and four legged members of the family, and that includes the kids? Who makes sure the house always looks spick and span when your mother comes to call? Whether it’s your wife, girlfriend or mother that takes care of some of these, finding the perfect gift for her will give her a reason to smile all year long.
Do you often find yourself wandering round and round the mall, entering every shop and still leaving without a purchase? Let’s give you some help with the best gift ideas for her that will show her that you really care.
When it comes to the woman in your life there are certain times throughout the year that you and your wife will take part in the act of exchanging gifts. Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries and Valentine’s Day all deserve to be remembered. Forget these important annual events and you’re going to hurt her feelings, and no doubt she’ll be hurting yours too.

The Best Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her

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The Best Gift for Her Will be Something She Wants

Don’t make the mistake of buying something for your wife that you would like her to have, rather than something that she wants. A good example is the latest high tech BBQ for the garden. You might be thinking that she’ll love to give this form of cooking a go, or she’ll be delighted at the chargrilled fare you’ll be dishing her up to eat. But ask yourself does she really want a BBQ for her birthday, or worse still for Christmas? She might smile sweetly and tell you that it’s the best gift for her she’s ever had – but you’re kidding yourself if you think that she means it.

The Best Gifts for Her Will Be Remembered

Best gift ideasThe best gifts for her will be ones that she remembers, because they came from the heart. The best way to find them is to listen to what she says over the years, items you come across when out shopping or when you’re both sat watching the TV. You’ve probably got a smartphone that you can use to quickly take a discreet snap. A perfect way to look back and remember the things that made a mark.

Some Tips on the Best Gift Ideas for Women That Won’t Cost a Fortune

  • Show off your talents – everybody has a little bit of talent in them. It might be baking, painting, singing or even writing a poem. Grow something for her, design something, draw something or make her a memorable meal.
  • Spending time and energy is more valuable than dollars and dimes – some of the best gift ideas for women won’t have cost an arm and a leg. It might be something as simple as taking a walk together in the rain – how romantic is that? Take a few minutes out your busy day and give her a back rub or a sensual massage.
  • Gift her a promise – are there things that you’ve been promising to do for her, but never seem to find the time to do them? Make a coupon promising to do some of those things, and wait for her to cash it in. You could promise her a day free of household chores, or a day off looking after the kids.

These are just a few ideas that at first might seem a little silly, and you’ll feel uncomfortable giving them as a present. Over time your ideas should evolve and become more interesting. The important thing to remember is that gift giving is an important part in any relationship. Without it your feelings for each other won’t grow and develop.

Women Love Chocolates and Flowers

rose for herMost women will readily admit that they love to receive chocolates or flowers from someone that they love. You might think that this kind of gift is a bit old hat but you’d be wrong. There are plenty of other presents that can be given to mark a special occasion such as X-mas, birthdays and anniversaries, but what’s to stop you giving your favourite female a gift on any other day of the year. Gift giving shouldn’t be reserved for just two or three days in the year. It’s far too important an act to be reserved for special occasions.
Online you can find boxes of chocolates in all shapes and sizes, flavoured to suit every possible taste. And flowers, well you can buy them anywhere, but some of the more unusual bouquets can be found online too.
A great idea, if you fancy giving something different but you know your wife loves roses, is the gift of an Eternity Rose. A hand picked natural rose bloom is carefully dipped in gold, silver or platinum and presented in a beautiful leather case. This everlasting rose perfectly signifies your undying love for her – it will never fade and lose its beauty.

Some Unusual Celebrity Gifts

We’ve been looking at some of the simple ways you can show someone that you care, but as usual there are some pretty outrageous ways you can do it too. Celebrities are renowned for going over the top on occasion, so let’s look at a few of the more unusual gifts that have been given.

  • Britney Spears gifted her boyfriend, Charlie Ebersol, a pair of pet horses for his 32nd birthday.
  • Katy Perry gave her then-husband Russell Brand, a $200K trip to space for his 35th birthday.
  • David Beckham gave his wife Victoria, not a bottle or a case of bubbly, but an entire vineyard in the Napa Valley for her 34th birthday.
  • Ryan Reynolds, the man who has everything, received an odd gift for his 31st birthday from his now ex-wife Scarlett Johansson, one of her wisdom teeth, dipped in gold and hanging from a necklace.
  • 2013 saw Angelina Jolie fork out a whopping $20 million on a heart shaped island for her husband Brad Pitt.