Show Your Love on Valentine’s Day With a Special Gift

Valentine’s Day is an important date in any relationship, whether you’re 16, 26 or 60, new to your relationship, admiring someone from afar, or been married for several decades. The origin of the Valentine celebration is shrouded in mystery, but we do know for certain that the month of February has long been celebrated as a month for romance. Modern day celebrations have traces of both Christian and Ancient Roman traditions. So who is Saint Valentine, and why has he become associated with this romantic day?
Three different saints called Valentine are recognised by the Roman Catholic Church, and they were all martyred. The legends that are behind these saints are a little fuzzy, but all hold the feelings of sympathy, heroism and romance very dear. Thanks to this reputation Valentine became one of the most popular saints in England and France. There are however, others that believe the origin of Valentine’s Day goes back even further. That the Christian Church was merely trying to “Christianise” the Pagan festival of Lupercalia. A fertility festival dedicated to the Roman god of agriculture Faunus, as well as Romulus and Remus.
Whatever its origins, Valentine’s Day is now celebrated across the world, and is the day when lovers exchange tokens of affection, and give each other cards that declare their love for each other. So how are you going to celebrate Valentine’s Day? Let’s give you some Valentine gift ideas for her that will certainly convey your love, and inject some romance into the occasion.

Valentines Gift Ideas for Her

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Top Valentines Gift Ideas

Valentine's gift ideasFebruary is considered the month of love, and February 15th has a special place for couples wanting to express their feelings of affection for their significant other half. Valentines gift ideas abound on the internet, and over the years you’ve probably tried out a few different ideas. Gift shops are full of valentines gifts ideas for her, and it can be quite difficult to choose one, but here’s what we think are some of the best ideas.

Keep it Simple but Make it Sweet

Keep things simple, and you’ll surely win over the heart of a loved one, better than expensive and extravagant gifts. A bunch of red roses and a special box of chocolates will always be a favourite. If you want to take this gift up a notch or two, why not buy an Eternity Rose – a hand picked bloom that’s been dipped in gold, silver or platinum.

Add a Memorable Engraving

Anything can be made more special by adding an engraving. Personalise your gift, whether it’s matching mugs, key rings, jewellery or printed t-shirts with an image of you both together or with a few memorable words. Everytime you look at or pick up such a personalised gift, you’ll be reminded of the love you both share.

Rejuvenate Her Soul With a Memorable Scent

Fragrances can be good and bad, but it has long been recognised that certain scents can have a big effect on the body and soul. Aromas such as lavender, sandalwood and green tea are not just sweet smells, but are also recognised as being relaxing and rejuvenating.

Something Cute and Cuddly

Soft toys are an all time favourite. Women never seem to grow out of enjoying the gift of a cuddly toy. Pick one that is just a few inches high, and can fit in your beloveds pocket. Or why not go all out and choose one that is several feet tall? Cute puppy dogs, silky smooth cats, cuddly toys come in many different shapes and sizes. There’s bound to be one that will melt her heart.

Unique Valentines Gift Ideas for Her

Are you one of those that always wracks your brain for new and unusual Valentines gift ideas for the woman in your life? You might feel that chocolates, jewellery, flowers and perfume are pretty old hat. Unique Valentines gift ideas for her can be difficult to find, so let’s give you a little hand. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune, you just have to think a little out of the box. Cute, thoughtful, funny, crazy or over the top romantic- it’s entirely up to you.

Top Valentines Gift IdeasMatching T-Shirts

There are lots of different online shops that give you the opportunity to personalise a set of matching t-shirts, and there’s possibly a shop on the high street where you can do it too. “Love me Tender”, “Two hearts that together make one”, “I’m his and I’m hers” or “Soulmates” – the only limitation is your imagination.

Make a Valentine’s Treasure Chest

You can find these ready made, but a much more personal gift can be made if you make it yourself. Buy a box that has partitions and fill them with small romantic offerings such as chocolate hearts, romantic notes, favourite snacks and mini bottles of her favourite tipple.

Put Your Valentine’s Message in a Bottle

Once again you can buy these ready made, and just add your own special message, but of course you can make one yourself. Find an interesting shaped bottle, perhaps one that is shaped like a heart, and place inside a loving message, along with some pretty stones, shells and a layer of coloured sand.

An Eco-Friendly Gift Because She Cares About the Planet

There are a range of eco-friendly gifts available, if you’re looking for Valentine’s gift ideas for her. Photo frames made from recycled coffee cups, underwear or a fashion item made from an organic material, pocket gardens, organic beauty products, the list goes on and on.

This Valentine’s Day give your partner a gift that they will treasure for many years to come. Spend some time carefully considering what she would like most, and how you can tell her the depth of your feelings for her. There are lots of occasions that call for special presents, but Valentine’s Day tops them all if you want to bring a little romance into your life. Just a small amount of effort will pay dividends in the long run, and only make your relationship stronger.