With a Beauty All Their Own, Orchids Make Fabulous 28th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her

Did you know there are more than 20,000 species of orchid? If you’re struggling to find the perfect 28th anniversary gift for that special lady in your life you might want to consider the modern theme of orchids. There are so many different colors and types you shouldn’t have a problem finding one that suits her perfectly. Orchids are breathtaking floral blooms, and are coveted for their decorative qualities, as they are unique in shape and their colors are stunning. It is said that they represent beauty, strength, and love, which is a great reflection of the current state of your marriage.

Giving your wife a bouquet of orchids, or a living plant, is far better than an average bunch of flowers, and they will also make a great centerpiece for the table, if you’re thinking of treating your wife to a homemade anniversary meal. And you’ll be pleased to know that, contrary to popular belief, orchids aren’t that difficult to take care of. We’ll be sharing some tips on caring for orchids a little later on.

Not every female will be expecting flowers for their 28 year wedding anniversary gift, and some females are allergic to flowers. Which is why some people choose gifts that reflect the most common colors of the orchid, such as pink, purple and lavender. A more lasting gift would be a gemstone that evokes the idea of an orchid such as pink sapphire, Tanzanite, or amethyst. Or a gold dipped rose in the appropriate color.

28th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her

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Orchids are steeped with meaningful messages

There are so many different types of orchid that it’s no wonder this bloom features in the language of flowers, also known as floriography. For thousands of years, flowers have been used as a form of communication, and it is still very popular today, even though some of the meanings have been forgotten.

In Victorian England, and the United States during the 19th century, interest in floriography increased significantly. Flowers, floral arrangements, and living plants were used to send secret messages, and allowed the giver to express feelings they may have been uncomfortable expressing directly. Victorians would use floriography when exchanging nosegays, or tussie-mussies, which were small ‘talking bouquets’.

People have held the orchid in high regard for thousands of years. They are known to symbolize:

  • amazing anniversary gifts ideas for womenBeauty
  • Fertility
  • Love
  • Thoughtfulness
  • Charm
  • Refinement

The color of the orchid also has a specific meaning:

  • Red – Much like a red rose, a red orchid symbolizes passion and desire. It also symbolizes courage and strength.
  • Pink – This color is a symbol of joy, happiness, and grace, as well as femininity and innocence.
  • White – Beauty, elegance, purity and innocence, reverence and humility are the meanings behind a white orchid.
  • Blue – There isn’t a true blue orchid, but there are blue tinted orchids, which represent rarity.
  • Green – Green is a color often associated with good fortune and blessings. It also represents nature, longevity, and good health.
  • Yellow – Yellow is a symbol of joy, new beginnings, and friendship.
  • Purple – A purple orchid symbolizes respect, dignity, royalty, and admiration.
  • Orange – Pride, boldness, and enthusiasm are the meaning behind an orange orchid.

As you can see, there are a number of messages you can send your wife if you give her orchids for a 28th wedding anniversary gift.

silver rose for the anniversary

Your wife won’t need green fingers to take care of her 28 year wedding anniversary gift

Orchids are a very popular houseplant, and they aren’t as difficult to take care of once you understand the basics, and provide the correct growing conditions. Because they come in such a wide variety of colors they make great additions for most styles of home decor. As long as all their basic needs are met, little additional care is actually needed.
orchid gift
Orchids need sufficient water, but there is nothing wrong with letting the soil dry out between waterings. A simple way to check whether the plant needs more water is to poke your finger into the growing medium, about 1 inch deep. If it feels dry, then more water is needed, otherwise you can leave things as they are.

Orchids like adequate levels of humidity, 50 to 70%. If you think the levels in your home are low, it is relatively easy to increase humidity. Mist the plants daily, use a humidifier, or place a water-filled saucer or tray of pebbles under the plant.

While the orchid is producing new growth it will be beneficial to fertilize weekly or fortnightly. Once the plant has matured this can be reduced to monthly or bi-monthly intervals. When the orchid is in its dormant stage the fertilizing can be stopped all together.

Repotting of the orchid only needs to be done every other year. However, if you find the orchid has stopped blooming and all its basic needs are being met, you might find that repotting is necessary.

If you’re still struggling with your 28th wedding anniversary gift ideas take a few minutes to look at some of our other pages. You’re sure to find something that sparks your interest. Don’t feel pressured to follow any of the specific themes, because your gift should be about showing your wife how much you love her. Nobody knows her better than you do, and you know exactly what she will like. A 28 year wedding anniversary is just as special as any other year, and you can express your feelings with the perfect anniversary gift for her.