Choosing the Best 48 Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her

You might be feeling tempted to let this year pass without too much excitement, and concentrate all your efforts on planning the most stupendous golden wedding surprise. Which is perfectly fine, if your wife is of the same opinion. But are you really prepared to risk it? If 48th wedding anniversary gift ideas for her are a little thin on the ground don’t panic. You’ve come to the right place. This site is dedicated to sharing some great gifts for anniversary years. And here on this particular page, we’ve decided to dedicate it to 48th anniversary gifts for her.

48 years as man and wife may not be considered quite as significant as the impending 50th anniversary, but is still an opportunity to show your spouse how much she is loved and appreciated.

The tradition of celebrating wedding anniversaries with the giving of gifts can be traced back to the Middle Ages. Husbands would give their wives a garland made of gold or silver, depending on the anniversary year. Gold for a fiftieth wedding anniversary, and silver for twenty five years. A number of other themes were chosen over subsequent years, until 1937, when the Jewellers of America devised their own list of themes. However, even then there were still a few gaps. But you’ll be pleased to know these have now been filled, and every anniversary year has its own special theme.

48th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her

Silver-Dipped Rose Silver

  • A real rose coated in pure silver
  • In a stylish display case, with an authenticity certificate.
  • Bright and lustrous mirror finish
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Gold-Dipped Rose Gold rose

  • A real rose dipped in 24 karat gold
  • Comes with a certificate of authenticity.
  • In a beautiful PU leather display case
  • Brilliant and lustrous mirror finish
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Choose the contemporary theme for a 48 year wedding anniversary gift for her

floral gift for anniversary48 years of marriage is connected with the theme of optical goods. Keep reading if you’re a little worried about this unusual theme, and we’ll help you incorporate it into a 48th wedding anniversary gift for her. You might also be wondering why optical goods were chosen for this anniversary year. It’s because they symbolize all the wonderful sights you’ve enjoyed together as a married couple. So what does the category of optical goods include?

  • A new camera – While the latest smartphones may have reduced the need to carry a separate camera, there are still plenty of people who love to capture memories and experiences with the help of this type of optical good. It is also a gift that can be used throughout the rest of your married life. But the options go even further. For example, a video camera, digital camera, camcorder or other piece of equipment for capturing a moment.
  • A blu ray or DVD player – This is a bit of a twist on the optical goods theme, but will surely give your wife hours of pleasure. It will also ensure your home has the latest in entertainment options. Add a little extra to your 48 year anniversary gift for her by including her favorite TV series or movies.
  • A new CD player – Would your wife like the latest CD player for her car? Perhaps she’d like one for the bedroom, bathroom, or the kitchen. If you know she has a favorite type of music, singer, or band, then add to the surprise and show how much you thought about her gift, by including some albums.
  • Stylish sunglasses – This is possibly the most popular option for people looking to give optical goods for a 48th wedding anniversary gift. Pick a top quality pair, from the latest designer and your gift will be appreciated for years to come.

Spend a romantic evening gazing at the stars

The theme of optical goods doesn’t sound very romantic, so what are we suggesting? A night gazing up at the starry sky through a telescope. The telescope is the optical good in the equation, and you have two choices. Buy one yourself, pack a picnic and settle down somewhere secluded to watch the night sky unfold. Alternatively, you may be lucky enough to live near an observatory. This is optical goods on a much grander scale, but many of these locations offer stargazing evenings. Giving you both the opportunity to spend time together learning more about the planets and stars.

Floral gifts will always be popular for wedding anniversary gifts

yellow rose for the anniversaryYou may have got out of the habit of bringing your wife flowers home from work, so this year restart the tradition with a floral gift for her. There are no specific flowers linked with a 48 year anniversary, which means you’re completely free to choose whatever color and variety you think she’d prefer. There are hundreds of different varieties, and more colors than a rainbow. You’ve been married now for almost half a century, so you should have a pretty good idea of what she’d prefer.

Floral gifts do, however, have a downside. The beauty of a living bloom very quickly fades. Even with a living plant for the garden there is no guarantee it will last forever. An everlasting token of your affection would be a gift from Eternity Rose. Techniques have been perfected to preserve the beauty of a rose bloom forever. Single blooms, glazed and dipped in gold, silver, or platinum. Or glazed rose petals crafted into delicate jewelry. All of which make a beautiful memento of this anniversary year.

Buying meaningful anniversary gifts for her, year after year, can be a worrying endeavor. However, there are plenty of places you can go for some help and inspiration. Mark our site as one of your favorites, and we’ll endeavor to bring you lots of interesting ideas.