All You Budding Poets Will Love the Theme for a 46th Wedding Anniversary Gift for Her

You may have had a bit of a blowout for your 45th wedding anniversary. And if you bought her a sapphire, your bank balance may be feeling a little light. This year you’re going to be pleased that the theme is a relatively inexpensive idea. But you’ll have to put in some effort to create it yourself. The theme for a 46 year wedding anniversary gift is poetry. Do you feel inspired enough to put your feelings down on paper? Have you ever tried to write a poem, or pen the lyrics for a song? We’ll try to help you become the modern day Shakespeare, with a few hints and tips on writing a poem for your love. And if you don’t fancy making your emotions everlasting, or just can’t find the right words, we’ll give you a few suggestions for alternatives.

46th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her

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5 simple rules to follow when writing a poem to express your love

  • flowers for the wedding anniversaryRule 1 – The words should come from your heart
  • Don’t get hung up on the technicalities of writing a poem. The most important quality of your love poem should be that it has come from your heart.

  • Rule 2 – Make it personal
  • Don’t get hung up on generalizing your feelings. The recipient of your words will be much more likely to identify with your poem if you mention personal situations and particular features.

  • Rule 3 – Don’t be afraid to highlight any flaws
  • There is nothing wrong with highlighting the ridiculousness of a situation. And don’t be afraid to mention flaws. When you fall in love with another person, it’s not just the good points that are important. Love is not worried about imperfections. If you love someone, you love them warts and all.

  • Rule 4 – Sound is as important as the words
  • Remember rhythms and rhymes. Read through what you’ve written and the sounds your words make, as this is very important.

  • Rule 5 – Don’t be content with the first draft

Your first thoughts won’t necessarily be the best ones, so revise, revise, and revise your poem over and over again.

Don’t let this year be boring – Consider some of our 46th wedding anniversary gifts for her

poem for wedding anniversary giftAs we’ve already mentioned, this year the theme for a gift is poetry. We appreciate there may be many people reading this that won’t fancy trying their hand at writing a love poem. So what are the alternatives?
The Internet is full of inspiration, as well as love poems you can borrow and make your own. There are also heaps of poetry books you can buy her for a 46 year wedding anniversary gift. If your wife has a favorite love song you might be able to get the lyrics in a presentation frame and give it to her for her anniversary gift. You could also choose an anniversary wall plaque with some well chosen words, or have a poem made into a piece of art or get it embroidered onto a cushion.
There have been a number of famous poets throughout history, and one of the most famous is William Shakespeare. Is there a theatre close by that might be putting on one of his plays? See if you can get some tickets so you can both enjoy the beauty of his words.

Your 46th wedding anniversary gift for her doesn’t have to follow a theme

We’re not about to tell you that you have to follow a theme for a 46 year anniversary gift for her. In fact quite the opposite. The themes are just meant as inspiration, and while many people religiously follow them, there are plenty of people that pay no heed at all. So what other options are there? Let’s look at a few ideas to make your anniversary special.

An evening of romance

Don’t be afraid to admit that romance flew out of the window long ago. It’s easy to fall back on a daily routine, and leave little room for being all lovey dovey with your partner. All the more reason to take the opportunity to inject a little romance into your anniversary celebration. Think about your wife’s favorite kind of entertainment, and the food she loves to eat. Combine both of them and plan a romantic evening. Make table reservations at her favorite restaurant, or cook her a meal at home. You could even hire the services of a chef for the evening, if all you can manage to cook is cheese on toast. A romantic atmosphere is easy to create. Soft music, candlelight and of course a bouquet of flowers, are all that is needed. If you want to give her something a little extra, consider a gold dipped rose from Eternity Rose.

An item of jewelry

blue matched set Jewelry is always a popular gift for the ladies. There is so much choice, and you can easily personalize the items with a meaningful engraving. Consider her preferences before you make any decisions. Does she prefer gold or silver? Does she have a favorite gem? How about choosing her birthstone? Think about the items she already owns, as you don’t want to buy something she’s already got in her collection.

An anniversary scrapbook

Creating an anniversary scrapbook, is one suggestion that you’ll find on many different gift sites. Why? Because it’s a really good idea. You’re bound to have lots of photographs lying around gathering dust, and there may even be a few mementos or special notes you can include. A scrapbook is also a great way to chart your relationship. From the day you first met to where you are today. Don’t forget to include photos of your children, grandchildren, and any close friends.